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                        Ramadan Mosalsalat Guide 2019

                        Everything you need to know about the 29 Mosalsals hitting your screen this Ramadan.

                        Mosalsalat Ramadan Guide 2019

                        With too many hours to kill and much shorter work days, Ramadan has officially become a goldmine for drama production in Egypt and the region for as long as TV existed, and 2019 is no different. Featuring almost 30 Mosalsals starring the industry's most prominent figures, Ramadan 2019 is shaping up to be a time where our fights over the remote control will be taken to a whole new level, and we're ready for it. From what's playing on our screens, to where and when, here's your ultimate Ramadan Mosalsalat guide: 

                        1- ZELZAL (EARTHQUAKE)

                        358棋牌One of the most devastating earthquakes to hit Egypt in the 20th century occurred in 1992, destroying 350 buildings and claiming over 500 lives. One of those buildings was where Mohamed Ramadan's family in this upcoming Ramadan series lived. His father passes away in the tragic events and the owner of the land scams Ramadan and his family out of their right to the land on which the building stood, but obviously Ramadan isn't about to go down without a fight. It's recommended for the ladies to watch this after Iftar, never underestimate the naughty thoughts a bare-chested Mohamed Ramadan could inflict upon you. 

                        Director: Ibrahim Fakhr

                        Cast: Mohamed Ramadan, Hala Shiha, Hanan Suliman and Ahmed Seyam

                        MBC 1: 9:30pm
                        DMC : 10:00pm, 5:00am
                        358棋牌Dubai Al Oula 


                        2- WELAD EL GHALABA (THE UNDERPRIVILEGED) 

                        An impoverished Upper Egypt man, played by Ahmed El Sakka, has to take two full-time jobs just to make ends meet, and despite that he also finds himself unable to survive. So he does what any normal person would do in a similar situation; he starts dealing drugs. Needless to say that things get juicy from that point on. 


                        Director358棋牌: Mohamed Samy

                        Cast: Ahmed El Sakka, Galal El Zaki, Abdelreheem Hassan and Fayek Azzab

                        MBC Masr: 2:00pm, 8:00pm
                        Al - Zafra

                        3- HADOUTET MORRA (BITTER TALE)

                        358棋牌A fixture on the silver screen every year, it's almost unimaginable to have a Ramadan drama season without Ghada Abdel Razek. And as her preference usually goes, this one is a tragic tale of a young Upper Egypt woman whose very own existence is threatened by a myriad of unexpected events. But, as Ghada always does, she'll probably end up finding a way. Or maybe she'll die, she loves plot twists afterall. 

                        Director358棋牌: Yasmine Ahmed

                        Cast358棋牌: Ghada AbdelRazek, Ahmed Seyam, Magdy Kamel and Aida Riad

                        Sada El Balad
                        El Kahera w El Nas: 12:00am
                        358棋牌El Nahar: 10:00pm

                        4- HARAMLAK (HAREM)

                        358棋牌Finally a historical epic starring Jamal Suleiman and Bassel Khaiat. The events take us back to when the Mamluks ascended to the throne of Egypt, no further details have been released but given Suleiman and Khaiat's record, this is shaping up to be a must-watch. 

                        Director: Tamer Ishaak

                        Cast358棋牌: Gamal Suliman, Bassem Yakhour, Bassel Khaiat and Sulafa Meamar

                        Channels: TBA

                        5- KALABSH 3 (HANDCUFFS 3)

                        The third and hopefully last of the testosterone-injected series, Kalabsh, by Amir Karara in the role of police officer Salem El Ansari is to hit screens this Ramadan. Ansari submits his resignation and launches a private security firm with his partner Akram Safwan, but the partnership quickly turns bitter and even deteriorates into a full-fledged war between the partners. Obviously we know who's winning this war, don't hold your breath. 

                        Director: Peter Mimi

                        Cast358棋牌: Amir Karara, Nabil Noureldin, Ahmed Abdelaziz and Hala Fakher

                        ON-E: 12:00am
                        MBC 4


                        6- MAMLAKET EBLEES (LUCIFER'S KINGDOM)

                        Ghada Adel is back ladies and gents, but unfortunately we know nothing yet about the plot of her Mosalsal except that it takes place in an all-Egyptian alley in an impoverished neighborhood, and that Rania Youssef and Salwa Khattab are part of the cast. SOLD.

                        Director358棋牌: Ahmed Khaled Moussa

                        Cast: Rania Yousef, Ghada Adel, Iman El Assy and Salwa Khattab

                        Channels: TBA

                        7- BARAKA

                        Baraka, played by Amr Saad, moves to Cairo from Upper Egypt and finds ways (we're assuming they're shady AF though) to amass vast amounts of money, which puts him in conflict with a number of powerful figure (because obviously making money in Egypt is reserved to a lucky few. No one comes to his rescue but his mother and a simple girl he's in love with. Awwh! 

                        Director358棋牌: Mahmoud Kareem

                        Cast: Amr Saad, Kamal Abu Raya, Hala Sedky and Hanady Mahny

                        358棋牌CBC: 8:00pm


                        8- SANE3 EL AHLAM (DREAM MAKERS) 

                        Finally a Ramadan production that is neither comedy nor drama, Sane3 El Ahlam is a science fiction about a neurosurgeon who figures out a way to influence and shape others' dreams. Say no more! 

                        Director: Mohamed Abdelaziz

                        Cast358棋牌: Maxim Khalil, Arwa Gouda, Mai Selim, Ellie Metri and Gehad Saad

                        Channels: TBA

                        9- QAMAR HADY (HADY'S MOON)

                        Hani Salama returns in the character of Hady, an honourable man who goes through a traumatic accident that leaves him with a flailing memory. As he slowly remembers details about his life pre-accident, fictitious occurrences start happening to him whenever its a full moon (10 points for originality). It gets so bad that even his daughter is scared to come anywhere near him, and he begins abusing drugs and alcohol. Is it a supernatural phenomena, or did he just have too much to drink? All to be revealed soon. 

                        Director358棋牌: Mohamed Bakir

                        Cast: Hani Salama, Dalia Mostafa, Mohsen MohiEldin and Hala Fakher

                        ON-E: 11:00pm

                        10- MAMLAKET EL GHAGAR (GYPSY KINGDOM)

                        358棋牌Gypsies have inhabited Egypt for centuries. In fact, historians believe that the 'gypsy' originates from Egyptian, so it's about time we do a mosalsal about it. And who's better to do it than Fifi Abdou? That's right, this mosalsal is about the gypsies who inhabit Egypt, taking us into the details of their daily lives and how they interact with the community. 

                        Director358棋牌: Abdelaziz Hashad

                        Cast: Houreya Farghali, Fifi Abdo, Sameh El Sareety and Hazem Samir

                        Channels: TBA

                        11- EL HALAL WEL HARAM (VICE AND VIRTUE)

                        No details are yet known about this mosalsal except that its seemingly set in early 20th century Egypt, but it's starring Sawsan Badr and Wafaa' Amer, talk about an '80s throwback. 

                        Director358棋牌: Ahmed El Nahas

                        Cast: Wafaa Amer, Sawsan Badr and Mostafa Fahmy

                        Channels: TBA


                        12- LAMS KETAF (RUBBING SHOULDERS) 

                        358棋牌A wrestler portrayed by Yasser Galal (we're assuming he's retired) engages in unlawful activities (a running theme this Ramadan, and every Ramadan). And when he finally decides to pursue a stable, goodman's life, he gets chased by the gangs who used to be his besties. Did he really think he could just simply quit? Has he never watched The Godfather? We'll find out soon enough, or not.  

                        Director: Hussein El Menbawy

                        Cast358棋牌: Yasser Galal, Caroline Khalil, Hanan Metewae and Fathy AbdelWahab

                        CBC: 11:00pm
                        Abu Dhabi


                        13- HOGAN

                        358棋牌It seems that being over the top runs in the Emam family, evident in this series depicting a Mohamed Emam who has 'super abilities - which is why his friends and neighbors call him Hogan after the known wrestler. He can pull cars, bend metal coins, and eat glass. It goes without saying that he becomes rich and famous. The End. 

                        Director: Shireen Adel

                        Cast358棋牌: Mohamed Imam, Karim Mahmoud AbdelAziz, Abeer Sabry and Riad El Kholy

                        El Hayah: 10:00pm, 7:00am
                        358棋牌Abu Dhabi 


                        14- 3ALAMET ESTEFHAM (QUESTION MARK)

                        Putting Mohamed Ragab acting skills to test, this series depicts him as a 'scientist' working tirelessly to find a cure for AIDS (too familiar!), however his efforts are stalled by some international intelligence operation in which he is the subject of kidnapping for his groundbreaking research. Even if it doesn't work out so well, we can only bow to Ragab for trying. 

                        Director: Sameeh El Nakash

                        Cast358棋牌: Mohamed Ragab, Haitham Ahmed Zaki, Edward and Mahmoud El Bezawy

                        CBC : 12:30am
                        DMC: 11:00pm
                        El Hayah: 1:30am



                        15- ABU GABAL

                        358棋牌A family feud over inheritance is what the plot of this Mostafa Shabaan-starred drama is centered. He's a known and rich merchant who ends up losing his grip on things and DRAMA ensues. Let's just hope women objectification remains at a minimum, but then again would it really be a Mostafa Shaban mosalsal if that does happen? 

                        Director: Ahmed Saleh

                        Cast:  Mostafa Shaaban, Mahmoud El Bezawy, Hassan Hosni and Rashan Ibn Muawia

                        ON-E: 9:30pm
                        Alfa Mosalsalat
                        358棋牌Dubai Al Oula

                        16- HEKAYTY (MY STORY)

                        Witnessing her father's painful passing before her eyes traumatised her as a child, and she grows up embroiled in family conflict... That is until she finds her one true love. This is to be Yasmine Sabry's first time as a lead star, so it could get interesting. Maybe. 

                        Director: Ahmed Samir Farag

                        Cast358棋牌: Yasmin Sabry, Edward, Wafaa Amer and Ahmed Bedeir

                        DMC: 12:30am 
                        CBC: 9:30pm
                        ON-E: 12:30pm
                        ART Hekayat

                        17- EL BRENSEESA BEESA (PRINCESS BEESA) 

                        358棋牌Mai Ezz El Din is known for being a versatile actress who can switch characters as easily as a finger snap, and she's used that to her advantage in many movies where she would play different characters within the same plot. It seems that the extra screen time has grown on her, which is our only explanation to why she's back this Ramadan in this comedy production, playing two characters that are (almost) entirely different than one another. One is Beesa, a working class Egyptian girl who inherits a school (yes, an entire school) from her deceased uncle. The other character is Beesa's grandmother, with whom she lives, who could be facing an unfortunate fate of getting placed in a shelter for the elderly. This has DRAMA written all over it already. 

                        Director: Akram Farid

                        Cast358棋牌: Mai Ezz Eldin, Bousy, Mervat Amin, Suliman Eid

                        El Hayah: 4:30pm, 9:00pm, 5:30am 

                        18- TALKET 7AZ (BULLET OF LUCK)

                        358棋牌Another comedy production set to hit screen this Ramadan, Talket 7az revolves around four sisters who (as all sisters would) have issues with their only brother's wife, which apparently gets hilarious. 

                        Director358棋牌: Ahmed Khaled Amin

                        Cast: Mostafa Khater, Aiten Amer, Eneaam Salosa and Emy

                        DMC: 6:45pm
                        ON-E: 6:40pm 
                        El Hayah: 12:00am

                        19- EBN ESOUL (DECENT MAN)

                        A rich bouji kid, whose family trades in diamonds, starts getting recurrent hallucinations and imagines that someone is out to kill him. His family don't believe him at first, but as it turns out.... DRUM ROLL... HIS GRANDPA is the one plotting against him. Hamada Helal is shocked obviously, let's hope he doesn't make a song about it. 

                        Director: Mohamed Bakir

                        Cast358棋牌: Hamada Helal, Aiten Amer, Emad Rashad and Inas Kamel

                        358棋牌DMC: 8:00pm

                        20- SUPER MEERO

                        The only thing probably funnier than Amy Samir Ghanem is Amy Samir Ghanem playing a superhero! That's what she's giving us this Ramadan, and we're totally here for it. Just make us laugh Amy, for the love of god. 

                        Director: Walid El Helfawy

                        Cast: Emy Samir Ghanem, Hamdi El Merghany, Malak Koura and Mohamed Mahmoud

                        Dubai Al Oula
                        El Nahar: 6:30pm
                        TEN tv: 10:00pm

                        21- EL WAD SAYED EL SHA7AT (SAYED THE BEGGAR)

                        Obviously a comedy, which seems to be the dominant theme this Ramadan. A working class man marries a rich girl (seems like science fiction too), and everyone around them is weirded out by it. The man, played by Ahmed Fahmy, gets chased by a gang who accuse his family of robbing them off EGP 6 million, and comedy ensues.  

                        Director: Ahmed El Gendy

                        Cast: Ahmed Fahmy, Hana El Zahed, Mohamed AbdelRahman and Akram Hosni

                        DMC: 6:30pm 
                        ART Hekayat 
                        358棋牌 Dubai Al Oula

                        22- ZAY EL SHAMS (LIKE SUNSHINE)

                        Dina El Sherbini's first ever lead role sees her as a distraught sister mourning the death of her husband, who's been assassinated by an unidentified hit squad. She begins a long search for his killers, but, as Egyptian drama usually goes, its those closest to him that plotted his demise. 

                        Director358棋牌: Kamla Abu Zekri

                        Cast: Dina El Sherbiny Ahmed Dawoud, Riham AbdelGhafour, Sawsan Badr and Ahmed Salah El Saadany

                        358棋牌MBC Masr: 10:00pm



                        358棋牌Donia Samir Ghanem returns in a comedy series which is divided on three parts, ten episodes each. She plays a different character each part. That's all we know at this point. 

                        Director358棋牌: Khaled El Helfawy

                        Cast: Donia Samir Ghanem, Ahmed Rezk, Samir Ghanem and Dalal Abdelaziz

                        CBC: 6:30pm

                        24- KABEEL

                        A drama thriller starring Mohamed Mamdouh and Amina Khalil, Kabeel starts off with a murder which the police is investigating. However one fo the detectives seems to see the girl's ghost everywhere(caj), and it makes him even more determined to find her killers. 

                        Director: Kareem El Shenawy

                        Cast358棋牌: Mohamed Mamdouh, Amina Khalil, Mohamed Farag and Aly El Tayeb

                        MBC Masr: 9:00pm

                        25- ZOGA 18 (18TH WIFE)

                        Don't you just love how most shows about polygamy are usually comedies? Taking second and third wives is hilarious, apparently. In this Ramadan comedy, Hassan El Radad plays the role of a man who often finds himself in awkward situation because of his endless marriages, 18 of them to be exact. 

                        Director: Mostafa Fikry

                        Cast358棋牌: Hassan El Radad, Salwa Khattab, Mahmoud El Bezawy and Heidi Karam

                        Sada ElBalad 
                        El Kahera w El nas: 7:50pm
                        358棋牌 El Nahar: 8:00pm

                        26- FEKRA BE MILLION GENEIH (MILLION POUND IDEA)

                        A comedy starring rising star Ali Rabea and Sabrine, telling the story of someone who has a revolutionary idea to transform society but no one believes in him, but he tries to make it a reality anyways. It gets comedic, apparently. 

                        Director: Wael Ehsan

                        Cast: Ali Rabea, Sabrine, Tarek AbdelAziz, Sabrin and Salah Abdullah

                        358棋牌MBC Masr: 11:00pm

                        27- FAT7ET KHEIR (GOOD FORTUNE)

                        358棋牌Again, no details have been released about this Aida Riad-starred drama. However what is know is that it will run for 45 episodes, which means a lot of post-Ramadan drama as well. 

                        Director and Script Writer358棋牌: Mostafa Salem

                        Cast: Aida Riad, Mahmoud Kabeel, Amira Fathi and Sherif Khairallah

                        Channels: TBA


                        28- LE AKHER NAFAS (UNTIL THE LAST BREATH)

                        Yasmine Abdel-Aziz (yes, she still exists) makes a return this Ramadan in this new presumably comedy series. Not much is known about the plot of this mosalsal but we'll assume it's somewhat amusing to watch as you eat if nothing else is on. 

                        Director: Hossam Aly

                        Cast358棋牌: Yasmin Abdelaziz, Fathi AbdelWahab, Mohamed Ezz and Awatef Helmy

                        El Hayah: 7:30pm
                        358棋牌 Dubai Al Oula



                        29- KETF QANONI (BELOW THE BELT)

                        In what seems like genius casting, Ahmed Bedeir returns in the role of a stingy elderly who mistreats his only son and basically makes his life a living hell. We're pretty certain there will be payback for his abuse, but we're not holding our breaths. 

                        Director358棋牌: Adel El Aasar

                        Cast: Ahmed Bedeir, Alaa Zeinhom, Ahmed Salama and Mohamed Nagaty

                        Channels: Hawas

                        Todays Events
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                        Venue: SOMA Art

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